Jamie XX's - Far Nearer (Vocal Pitch)

Hi, guys!

I’m really interested in the way that a lot of electronic artists go about stretching and re-pitching vocals at a drastic level.

I think what sticks out in this stuff is the re-pitched vocals don’t just sound like they’ve been given a quick +12 or -12 with Ableton’s transpose knob. I’ve experimented with programs like Melodyne to get similar effects, but I always end up with the vocal sounding too distorted or “chipmunk-y”. Are there any programs that are known for their ability to re-pitch vocals at this level? If this kind of thing is totally doable with Melodyne, or WavesTunes, or similar VSTs, and pro-tips would be greatly appreciated.

Yea I would also like to know how this vocal pitch effect is achieved, I heard it before and recently… Interesting to know :slight_smile:

are you referring to the vocals at the end of the song or the guy singing? cause the guy sounds normal to me

the other vocals sound like theyre just pitched up slightly with lots of effects to make um soft and pretty

auto-tune and melodyne also have a formant control which dosent change the pitch but changes the “throat length”, you could try that

also this is a nice video on vocal cutup melody repitching stuff

This is done simply by Transposing the audio clip in Ableton. Think -2 or -3. Not that much. Try it.

And he chopped things up a little to give some words/sentences a different transpose setting.