Jan is getting laid tonight

Thought i’d share. I feel a bit guilty tho, this girl is engaged to be married next year…

What’s the going rate in Holland these days for a suck n fu.ck then?

It depends I think. You have streets which are a bit more working class where you pay 25 euros, and the more upper class streets where I think its like 50 euros. Im not too sure though, you would have to ask someone who frequently visits these places.

Id advise you to search this information with google. Im taking it your planning on coming over for a visit?

No… I’m just wondering how much you’re paying for it tonight mate?

Where are you anyway, I’ve been to Breda and Amsterdam. Apparently you guys all have big foreheads too according to the flemish. Holland is sweet mate, would love to come for a visit, get high on the “trance music” if you know what I mean ;).

Im in Scheveningen, its on the coast of the Hague. You wont find a lot of trance in Holland its pretty dead lol all about the House music over here.

The other type of trance your talking about is still readily available lol…

Hope you stuck a clog on it Jan :smiley:

[quote]jjdejong0 (16/09/2011)[hr]The other type of trance your talking about is still readily available lol…[/quote]

LOL - actually 25 too 50 euros seems quite cheap :smiley:

[quote]ICN (16/09/2011)[hr]Hope you stuck a clog on it Jan :D[/quote]

lololol. i see what you did there john.

I dont believe in clogs, im catholic hahahaha

Well then stop making trance Mate, cos yr going to hell :smiley:

Change your ways & you’ll be saved :wink:


@UV - I know, got that out of a Christmas Cracker :slight_smile:

Really, I always think I am in hell when I read one of Jan’s posts :smiley:

I can see it now. Me trapped in a room playing non stop techno for all eternity. Id rather burn forever with maggots eating out my eyes tbh, sounds a lot more pleasent…