Japwow & Bidjro - Make some noise


Hey guys me and Bidjro hooked up again in the studio and made some dutch house would love your feedback on it.

Much love in advance x

I like that JW, the melody and tune is brill. Not to keen on the vocals on the lead-up thou… Just dont sit right with me personally. Sure someone else will love them thou.

Good Work! :smiley:

i like it but it does sound a little bit too much like the afrojack releases, i aint too up on the dutch stuff so maybe it all sounds like that? i got no idea

Hey guys thanx for feedback

Sorry you don’t like the vocals but i guess your right we can’t all like everything

And yeh will sound a bit like afrojack etc because all dutch like that does really have the same kind of vibe. The fact me and bidjro have managed to make it sound like that tho from scratch is brilliant for us. Almost a compliment to know we can sound like someone who we look up to.

Hey Japwow, that some major pon de floor **** goin on right there…Pete tong would love that…


I def think i should send it to a few djs so perhaps i should just bite the bullet and get it out there