Japwow vs Bidjro - No Bagels

Myself and my mate bidjro got in the studio … we ran out of bagels and this tune was made after that

SoundCloud - Hear the world’s sounds

All feedback welcome … got Andi Durant playing it on galaxy this weekend

Wicked track you guys have a talent and sure will go far

Thank you … Japwow is now just one of us. My partner Doug will be doing vs tracks with me but also solo ones once he learns to produce so watch out for those.

Myself and Bidjro will be making some more very soon and samples will be online.

All feedback is welcomed and i can not thank you enough for all the kind words.

I like the intro where the music is off beat, maybe you consider taking this also in the main part…

Its nice,

like “Why dont you” from “gramophonedzie”.

It hase the same grove…

Thanx for the input Grand :smiley:

will have another new sample or two up by the end of the week. Really appreciate you guys listening.

Now got support from Eats Everything, Gramophonedzie, Bobby Friction and more :smiley:

Nice track :smiley:

thanx onetwoseven