Jaytech style Progressive House Tutorial for Ableton

I’ve given up looking for any type of tutorial on this genre… Rich sounds, groovy melodies, amazing music! This type of tutorial would complete Sonic Academy and as a subscriber ;] I would love to see this happen:

Hopefully the example Boom Jinx & Jaytech - Milano says it all.... MAGIC :D

Please make this happen :hehe:

Your site kicks a55,


Love it!


Here is an awesome monster!!


time for something groovy

  • 1 for Milano !

    cool !

anymore +1s for this :wink:

c’mon guys and gals, lets see a proper melodic progressive house tutorial on here!

milano played in a club!! doesn’t get any better than that!!

jaytech is an incredible musician!! :wink:

Would love to hear some jaytech style of tutorials :slight_smile:

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please make it happen



I bet if I search “Jaytec Tutorial” in google I will find a session with jaytec doing a tutorial. :slight_smile:

it doesn’t have to be about jaytech, just something melodic like proff, michael cassette,paul keeley, suspect 44…anjunadeep style

Totally agree! Much needed tutorial.

hey, dont know if you are still looking for jaytech tutorial, but if you are check out pyramind.com he does an excellent tutorial on one of his tracks from start to finish, about 2-3 hours long

definitely agree

Phil/Bry any resurrection ambitions for this post? :]