Jaytech - Tigerlily Remix contest with Anjunabeats / 23

Jaytech - Tigerlily Remix contest with Anjunabeats

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Taking our courses to the next level, here on Sonic you can now watch the track being made, download both the project and stems and then submit your own remix with the chance to win some great prizes.

The How To Make Trance (Tigerlily) Remix Contest is exclusive, here on Sonic Academy and you could be in with a chance of winning some cool prizes and ultimately getting a release on the world-famous Above and Beyond Anjunbeats Records
We know we have one of the best music-making communities anywhere, and the level of production skillz coming through the forums is truly amazing.
So, ourselves and Jaytech are super excited to see what you guys can come up with - we know you can smash it. You can now download the stems from this awesome tune and start working your magic!
We have shown you how to make the tune, now it’s over to you to get creative, make a dope remix of this track and show the world your production talent.

Go get started! We can’t wait to hear your submissions.

So what’s a contest without a prize eh? Well if your remix of his track is chosen by Jaytech and the label, you can win a release on Anjunabeats!*

But that’s not all, you will also win a massive £150 Sonic Sounds store voucher to spend on our award-winning plugins and any preset or samples packs on the store. We will also have two amazing runner up prizes.
If you’ve created the second-best remix, you’ll win a £50 Sonic Sounds store voucher.
The third-place wins a ÂŁ25 Sonic Sounds store voucher.

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Remember to check out the course - How To Make Trance (Tigerlily) with Jaytech - for the full lowdown! Available to all Subscribers right now!

This competition is open to all Sonic Academy registered users so spread the word and, join in.

Um, guys some of us are unable to travel and visit the studio! Any possibility of extending the deadline? Please?!

No please, some people have crazy lives and rush themselves to wrap it up for the deadline, we had 1 month and the delay is part of the contest.

It’s not about time management mate. I’m stuck cause of the pandemic!

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Good Luck everyone !

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May the force be with you! :slight_smile:

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Awesome Submissions so far everyone!

good luck everyone! excited to see who is chosen :slight_smile:

I agree…some of us do this on a amateur basis and its our release from what we do in the day, many of us will have had to drop everything for our jobs… now we are all in some kind lockdown, is there not any way we can re-open the contest for maybe a few weeks or a month… isn’t it just the fair way and no doubt jimbo and anjunabeats will have an even more difficult choice to make about the winners… the submissions to date are all awesome btw and we should let all of those guys continue to work on them if this could be done

Hi there @bouldera

Though I can understand it might seem not fair for those who are now lock-down at home and started this project in a remote studio location that they can’t no longer access now, I think it was still the most reasonable decision not to extend the submission date. No one was prepared for this & it’s nobody’s fault to have to make such decision. There are things really more important right now than this IMO, and extending the Remix Comp & inciting people to leave home & expose themselves & others at risk wouldn’t make sense : safety first in those difficult times.

Good luck everyone and please stay at home if you can & keep safe, don’t forget that this virus spreads like hell and unfortunately staying home is yet our best defense right now.

I must have read the submission date wrong :S I thought it was the 21st…

Completely agree… absolutely no-one should be leaving home to go to a studio to do a remix competition … didn’t even cross my mind that the level of these competitions had people doing that …wow! In that case you are completely right to not re-open it.

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All Sonic Academy Remix Competitions are hosted for a duration of 3 weeks, it has always been that way, so it might be something to keep in mind for the next one ( which is already running since last Friday BTW ), the Jerome Isma-Ae “Tiger” Remix-Comp that is now open until the 11th of April.

Really nice work everyone! It’s always interesting to hear each individual’s approach is different. Good luck!

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Im try to submit my mix as the date was pushed back to the 11/04 but I cant seem to, any help please?

Hi there @Sergio_Vilas

This Jaytech Remix Competition ended last week and submission is now closed, it was not extended ( check the above posts ), you are mistaking this one and the new “Tiger” Jerome Isma-Ae Remix Comp which is the one ending on the 11th of April. Check it here :

When do the winners get announced?

Hey there @rodhall85

Remixes have been sent to Jaytech & Anjunabeats and they are now reviewing them. As soon as they have picked up the winners & let S.A knows about it, the results will be announced here & on S.A socials.

Can I play my track in my sets?

Hey there @Kevin_Yeoh

NO you can’t, as well as it’s strictly forbidden to upload or stream your remix on any online medias, like SoundCloud, YT…etc as explain in the Remix Competition rules & disclaimer. All audio resources likes audio stems, samples are copyrighted by the artist and they can only be used within the Remix Competition contest and the only place where you can upload your remix is the submission area on Sonic Academy website.