Jean Batidas - Luna

Hi there,

This is where i working on at the moment, But i ’ am to curious what you guys think of it??

all feedback is welcome cause iam still a beginner, you prob gonna hear it :wink:


The biggest thing I would do for this track is go back to the main riff and fiddle with the note lengths, at the moment the riff doesnt seem to “flow” well?

Otherwise I think it sounds quite good, only had a quick listen though.

The idea is nice and liked that groove, but there are a few things that could be improved:

  1. That crash you start of with needs more EQ, sidechain it to the kick as well and I’d lower it’s volume.
  2. EQ the off beat hihat and pan it more to the side.
  3. Percussive elements are nicely panned. Maybe lose a bit more of the low in that tom-like sound.
  4. The lead introduced at 1:30 is that intentionally disharmonic? Otherwise find the right keys.
  5. You’ve used quite a lot of different elements in the first part of the track, the other half has far less variation. Re-arange the track so it’s evenly divided. Make it more like a whole track instead of glued different parts.