Jean Batidas - Mainroom

Hey peeps,br
Here is my track i’am working on!br
Its about ready after the big break, br
Iam interested if you could give me some feedback in what i do right and wrong!br
And if you like the track offcoursebr
Feedback much appreciatedbr
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Hi there!/PPIn my opinion there seems to be a bit too much sidechain compression.nbsp; It’s as if you’ve cut out all the rest to fit the kick in.nbsp; It’s fine to have a sidechain on a pad or some white noise, but I would suggest going a bit easier on it here, because it takes away the dynamics of thenbsp;rest of the instruments.nbsp; /PPI also didn’t like the 1/8th notes at the beginning of the breaks.nbsp; I really liked the faster movement at the end though.nbsp; It’s got a nice 80’s vibe to it :cool: .nbsp; Maybe try to avoid those 1/8s and just put in a pad or organ that filters up to build up the synth./PPcheers!

Thanks for the advice mate!br
I updated the track now with less sidechain:cool:br
Sounds better now!br
About the 1/8 thingy, i like it that way, first a bit slow and then the going up in speed:w00t:br

I find the arrangement a little weird, thats not to say it doesn’t work. I like the first breakdown at 1:00, has a cool feel, nice how the synths build to play off each other. If it were up to me arranging the song, I would probably scrap from 1:45 to 2:45 and make that cool first breakdown go straight into the nice drop. I dont feel the need to repeat it again like you did, kinda sounds too repetitive IMO. Can’t really think of much else right now, the outro’s a little long and confusing, but it works.