Joe & Will Ask? - Rainbow Trout Remix

Just made this, started on it yesterday since I only found about the remix comp recently and thought it was worth a try?

Anyways, feedback would be appreciated. Too late to make changes but I can always learn something new right?

Here it is:

Joe & Will Ask - Rainbow Trout (Amjad Saeed Remix) by Amjad Saeed

If you do like it a vote couldnt hurt could it :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for listening.

What effects did you use on that intro bass? It sounds so crunchy, awesome.

Honestly I have no clue how Joe & Will Ask? did the bassline in its original form, sounds stuttered.

This is the effects I used on it (Saved it as a rack):

Lots of modulation is the most evident thing on it. Two Choruses giving an already gritty bassline some delayed grit and a Flanger to move it have the biggest impact on the sound.

I tried to remake the sound on massive but I couldnt, I think what might work is a Mod Osc Phaser effecting a Square Wave with some external effects to get it to stutter, cause the original is really a stuttered bass sound.

Cool. Reminds me of the bassline Zedd made in his “Save the World Remix”. It can hold a solid tone, yet towards the end of the note the crunchy-ness seeps through. Really cool effect