Jon gaiser bass and percussion

guys could u please make a tutorial about that stringy dark basslines like jon gaiser and his percussion is awesome too…

Apoloogies - meant to reply to this ages ago… I think I remember hearing that he uses Soniccharges Microtonic drum plug a lot.

Its a pretty incredible little drum machine. Great for all sorts of sounds - not just “drums”.

Can you mangle your own samples in micro tonic ?

No, but you can get some crazy **** out of it.

Theres a very cool slider on it that morphs between presets… its great cos it changes the tone of the clap into a tom or something.

You can get some pretty unique timbres or whatever from it.

hey guys thanx for the reply… thats a really cool perc vst… but what about that bass… its that bass that cracks me up… he really has that knack for huge basslines… he is just on a different level when it comes to producing…