Josh lang Basslines

I know its a sawtooth with distortion,eq and sidechain. But there is something more like with the way the keys are played. the timing etc. any suggestion

below are some of his tracks

Josh Lang - Kracker - YouTube Josh lang kracker

Josh Lang - White Thing - YouTube Josh Lang- White thing


mate I have been trying to get SA to help out with these kind of basslines for months and havent had any luck yet hopefully one day they will be able to help out with a tech tip or something

that would be awesome!!! :cool:

I might be wrong, but it may help. Use mostly saw waves for one. Sounds like an overdrive on it. Pretty thick so use a few voices.

The repeating effect is using a combination of a two mod envelopes (AB cutoff and LFO1 rate) and Cutoff AB as your LFO.

LFO is probably a saw wave with a high rate + gain. You want to set your LFO1 rate mod to have a medium high attack.

That will give you a start. The LFO rate basically needs to ramp up from the start of the note. So the LFO rate starts off slow (via attack in a rate mod) and then picks up and goes to the LFO’s set rate.

That’s just my guess. I may be completely wrong, but I played around with my Sylenth and it started to sound similar.