Joy of Teen Sex

Anyone see it on CH4 last night?

Fkn 'ell. There was a girl on it living in a flat with her master. She slept in a cage.

She was wearing a mini skirt with a furry tail and cats ears. Later we seen a spare furry tail with a butt plug on the other end - LOL FFS!

Then… He produced a “medical kit” - for fetish fun. WTF I thought. Looked it up, seemingly they like to insert rods into their bladders. LORD!!

Glad I’m not into that :hehe: :hehe: :hehe: :hehe:

When I read the title I though you were doing your illegal stuff again lol


Never convicted :wink:


There was an inflatable black dildo too - Poor girls parents - ROFL :smiley:

Where d the pics :angry:

Go to 4 on demand - I’m sure they have it up :slight_smile:

I did but got bored off the program during the opening credits


You fkn ejaculated :smiley:

[quote]ICN (25/11/2011)[hr]Bored?

You fkn ejaculated :D[/quote]

Well that was the idea was it not :wink:

I must re-watch the credits!! :smiley: