JP-8080 or KS Rack

Just a post to see peoples views on the pros and cons between the roland jp-8080 and the novation ks rack, and which you would go for if buying a synth

The 8080 tbh i dont need to write a pro and con list the simple reason is the JP has a unique sound that pretty much all other synths around its price class and some above it try to emulate. If you wanted to buy one of these two synths then i wouldnt get either. Theres a free vst that emulates the JP its called the Superwave P8 and the trance pro. If you insist on hardware get a Yamaha An1x if your budget is tight or a Virus TI if you have the cash. Both do a wonderfull emulation of the JP which noone dancing in any club around the world is going to be able to tell the difference.

Thanks for the tip on the superwave p8 JJDejong