Jump into it all or take slices and get really good at the different parts of prouduction?

Hey there been doing production for 6 months now still basic obviously been listening and djing with dance music for years . I have all the equipment to make a basic track mpk49 ,mac , krks, software synths sylenth ,albino, etc, But just finding it a little head wrecking try to learn all this stuff and get goals out of it aswell. I try and do 3 hrs every night after work .

Need some advice as to try and make **** traks for the sake of it or master my bass ,kicks ,compression etc first.


to be honest it just takes time,

keep at it, listen to songs, break them down into their elements,

i find if you sit down with a track you like and try to rip it off you will learn some new techniques along the way.

there is no quick route really,

just trial and error and sonic academy!

more trial and error. none of the admins on this site had sonic academy to fall back on.

If you don’t try and make a track until you feel you’ve mastered every aspect of production, you will never make a track.  It’s an ongoing process that takes years maybe even a lifetime of practice, trial and error.

You can watch all the videos and listen to all the theory behind production but if you don’t approach it hands on you won’t learn from experience (and there is no better teacher).

Also continue to do what you are doing, ask questions, speak with others that share the same interest, check out tutorials but in the end try them out on a project so you can learn from it.

Yep trial and error is you best bet all the tutoring reading and watching the great vids wont make you produce a track - only you will. And so what if you make mistakes so long as you learn from them - plus some mistakes have turned out to be hits so percervier mate and ask lots of questions here as you will sure get an answer

Practice,Research , study,Practice,Research , study,Practice,Research , study,Practice,Research , study,Practice,Research , study,Practice,Research , study, etc.:smiley:

Many thanks !!! like a support group lol . in the room on your own 2 to 3hrs a night while your other mates are away out aint easy but I love doing it and the music to much it will pay off someday. Need to get my mates on board a’swell [no commitment]