Jupiter Ace vid LFOtool configure problem - finding the "level' parameter in abelton

I’ve been following the jupiter ace vid using abelton, Ace uses the LFOtool in Logic and on occasions through the track he automates the “level” parameter to mix in and out the amount of sidechain using the LFOtool,

However in abelton I can’t configure it because I can’t find the control for “level” and ableton doesn’t list all the available options like logic, I’ve clicked on every button and slider in the vst trying to find it lol, any help would be greatly appreciated in actually locating it, I have version 1.0.0 of xfer LFOtool if that makes a difference

Thanks for your help in advance

As far as I can remember, he uses level parameter to basically turning the device on and off so you can use device on and off automation in ableton.