Just a bit of feedback


Just a quick post to say...i f***ing love this site, best 60 quid i've ever spent! I was ****ing around on a few forums and using youtube but wasnt really getting anywhere. Since becoming a subscriber my understanding has improved beyond belief, thanks very much :)

I was wondering, would it be possible to list the vst used in each HTSL tutorial in the tutorials description? Only because its a bit of a pain in the arse when i come across a vst i dont have in a tutorial, i have to stop my learning flow and go and find what i need. With them listed in the description, i can get them first and plough on from start to finish



Hey Jim, welcome to the site! I know what you mean about that but if you have a mac, you can pause and rewind the video in quicktime! Just my $.02

great idea!



i think you missed the point. He’s simply asking for a discription of whats used in the tutorial so he knows what he’s in for and what he might be able to pull together so he doesn’t have to interupt the learning process mid session.

Being able to rewind vidoes has nothing to do with it.


Hi @torgul, this post is 8 years old and we have since redesigned the site with all third-party plugins now listed on the course page. Hope this helps

Hi Chris,

Lol … sorry bout that … so much for paying close attention :).

It was late here.