Just cannot get Kick 2 to show in the Instruments panel in Logic?!?


I just cannot get Kick 2 to show in the Instruments / Audio Units dropdown in Logic?

I can see it there (validated) in the Plugin Manager but it will not show? I have tried manually deleting, restarting my Mac. Nothing seems to be working


Hi there,

Is this a M1 Silicon based Mac and are you running Logic in native ARM mode ?

  • If that’s the case then you need to download and install the Beta V 1.1.5b in order to get M1 support.

  • If you’re on an Intel based Mac, then please try to reboot your Mac & if you’re still having the same issues then try to reinstall KICK 2.

In any case, the Beta is the most up to date version at the moment and it offers M1 Silicon support for MacOS as well as VST3 support for both Mac & PC, it’s fully functional and stable, so that’s the version we suggest to install.

You are looking under MIDI FX slot, you need to click where it says ‘instruments’ on the channel strip.

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Woops! Sorry for being such a newbie d**k. Thanks for all your help folks

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No worries at all ! :sunglasses:

Those help articles & videos could be helpful to learn more about KICK 2 maybe :wink:

  • Help articles :

How do I install KICK 2 ?
Manually Uninstall KICK 2

Videos :

Kick 2 Features walkthrough
Assimilating Kicks in Kick 2 with Phil Johnston
Tech Tips Volume 68 with Protoculture ( videos tutorials 679,680 and 681 )

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

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