Just for fun

I quite like it! As always thoughts appreciated…br
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Dude I was dying when the fresh prince sample came in LOL the best part was that it actually sounded good i dont know how you pulled that off…Loved the bass line it gave it a ton of bounce and was pretty fun…the side chaining also sounds great man good jobbr
Is that a sidechained white noise or a seperate sound that comes in 2:15?? really pumps it up

Aha cheers man, appreciate it! This one started out with me just playing about making a drum loop with all the odd sounds, then for some bizzare reason those vocals came to mind!br
Erm the white noise was meant to be sidechained, but I accidently turned it off in the export and liked it as aggressive as it is. It’s just Sylenth patterned in to play every other 1/8th.

Fresh prince aside, I like this tune, love the bouncey bass and percussive elements

Yesssssss!!! Ha ha love this track mate, great groove, bouncy bass and awesome vocals! :cool:

aha the vocals make it! But thanks for the feedback lads, appreciate it :slight_smile:

Nice one xpa.br
One thing I’d probably try is to get some more room for the vocal.br
Roll off some of the low on the vocal and duck some of the main frequencies of the vocal in the white noise and synth lines.