Just registered

paying monthly, and its asking me to select two free modules. dont i get free access to everything? :S

as part of the subscription you get 2 courses to download… rest are available online

I took out a subscription at the weekend and there are two issues.

I am having problems viewing the downloaded course modules and I am still waiting for a reply to my email about this.

I thought I would still be able to view these courses/tutorials (plus others) online but it doesn’t look as if I can.

Can you help please.

Sorry to respond to my own post - I tried to edit it but it won’t let me.

On the above, I seem to have resolved the issue with the downloaded files. However, I am still wondering where I can view the tutorials I haven’t downloaded online. I keep being asked to buy them and I thought as a subscriber I would be able to watch them.

same problem here.

Took me a while to figure it out, but it’s all here:



There are some links (1 2) in the top right corner for the last few courses.:w00t: