Just some general "how do you make this sound" noob questions

Hey guys so I’m still in the process of learning the in’s-and-out’s of sound engineering, and I find the easyiest way to do this is to re-create sounds from my favorite tracks. I’m having problems with some.

The lead synth at 1:45 for Dada Life’s remix of “Damascus”

Young Rebels & Francesco Diaz - Damascus (Dada Life Remix) - YouTube

The lead synth at 3:45 for Fedde Le Grand’s “Metrum”

Fedde Le Grand - Metrum [Official Music Video] - YouTube

The lead synth at 1:11 in Klauss Goulart’s “Turbulence”

Klauss Goulart - Turbulence (Original Mix) - YouTube

The breakdown lead at 1:17 in Markus Schulz’s “Sleepwalkers”

Markus Schulz presents Dakota - Sleepwalkers (Original Mix) - YouTube

Any help would be appreciated! And please don’t bash on me for requesting so many. I’ve tried really hard but still no success so if you could even help with one it’d be amazing.