Just thought I would share

Just to say there are other things more important to me than music :slight_smile:


Are you marching Mate?

Well I am showing my face :wink:

Well good luck with it. Nice to see people with fire in their bellies.

People in the 1st World are just so “pasteurised” these days… especially when compared to those in worse off places.

Fair play for getting involved.

Slender a Communist? Who knew!

[quote]bangthedj (26/03/2011)[hr]Slender a Communist? Who knew![/quote]

haha - actually more of a black flag waver if I was honest :cool:

Because I can’t be bothered to read it or find out what it’s about, could someone quickly explain what the protest is about?

Word got out that some cnut is doing a dirty dutch rmx of Hardcore Vibes.

People say no!

:hehe: :cool:

At least when the Students were riot^H^H^H… marching I knew what that was about. These lazy middle class social workers need to get their act together.

I think i need to get the tear gas and water cannons out…