Just won a big competition in Holland!

Hey im absolutely buzzing as last week to coincide with the ADE a big radio station in Holland. It was a chance for unknown producers to send in demo’s and get some good exposure. Last week i didnt hear anything and today i got the call that i won the whole thing! Its gonna be released on dance-tunes and is gonna be added to the radios play list! I really didnt think i had a chance with a trance track going against the very house dominated dutch crowd but so you see how it goes. Im so happy i still cant quite believe it bt ill let everyone know when its out. I wana thank Wayne for giving me some tips on the mixdown and sonic for teaching me quite a few things that i implemented in making this track :slight_smile:

Congrats buddy!

nice swan bro!!!

Fair play Jan - Well done.

Excellent news!!! :cool:

hows ya luck eh?

well done mate, looking forward to hearing it :slight_smile:

Nice one:D

Well done mate :slight_smile: glad I could help :smiley:

Well done.

Well done :):):slight_smile:

Happy to hear that mate! :slight_smile:

fcuking A. nice one mate.:cool:

Good on ya!!

Any chance of hearing the winning track of yours?

AWESOME mate! Grats :smiley:

Sweeeeet! Dutch house is really annoying anyhow!

Yeah but you gotta understand dutch house is just so big in holland and globally actually Afrojack has just made a track with the black eyed peas lol. Trance unfortunately is dead here it seems if your a dj in a normal club and you play something like rank 1 - airwave your dancefloor will be empty and you will be getting heckled to hell. For anyone that wants to hear the track you can visit my myspace DJ Jan De Jong | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos the track is called Inspire.

nice one bro,fair play to ya.: )

excellent. sounds like great exposure to have. well done :smiley:

Yeah the exposure is the prize really its gonna be on the front page of dance-tunes as the trance tune of the week etc its going to be released by dance tunes but as a free download for its members. This is ok with me cos more people in Holland use dance tunes than beatport. Plus the week of fm radio play is really nice!