k90 tutorials?

In recent Days i have been in talks with mark (K90) to see if he would like to do tutorials based on his music/styles and production techniques for Sonic Academy and let you guys get an insight into how he works. but before we want to take this any further we would like your views on if this would be on any interest to you.

Anyone that doesn’t know K90 and what he’s all about.

here’s a collection of his more recent stuff




I’d funkin’ love this pleeeeeeeease! Red Snapper <3 :w00t:

I’d definitely renew my subscription if K90 was to get involved with SA.

I know there’s still some more genres to cover but a k90 tutorial would be really cool.



Jon, i don’t suppose you know Jon Doe / CLSM do you? He’d be a really really good guy to get on board too!

Too bloody right I would be interested. Bring it on! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Its a yes from me!

I’m down…

+1 would like to see how he masters his music !:slight_smile:


+1 for me:D

Oh yeah love k90 and his sound seen him play live many times


+1000 lol

So Jon

seeing as this thread seemed to be universally supported by the sonic faithful any ideas how you are going to take this a step further?

I really hope you can convince Mark from k90 to knock up a few tutorials as I am sure everyone here would benifit especially given that k90 pretty much has it sussed commercially (mixing and mastering wise)


mark has already expressed to me that he is more than up for doing a series of tutorials or just maybe one off videos, i’ve given marks contact details to the SA team so its upto them from here on in.

for obvious reason this has to work for both parties involved so as long as SA see the want for this then im sure we will see something in the future.

if it will ever happen or how long it will take is out of my hands.

if it doesn’t happen then i’ll see if i can get in the studio with mark early next year to write a track and i’ll ask him if i can record the process and post up on a blog at some point :slight_smile:

Cheers Jon.Yeah understood.

Thanks for the update.

keeping fingers crossed then.

Something in the style of Red Snapper or Breathe would be great. Count me in 1+ :slight_smile:

K90 has opened his doors to anyone wanting to learn or write tracks.

Click HERE for info