Kai Zen Podcast

Hi Guys,
I did a 1 hour mix for the Kai-Zen Podcast about 2 weeks ago,
I uploaded it to my Soundcloud today,
Check it out !
01. Masuki - VIx2 (Edit Select Mix) - Prosthetic
02. Morgan Tomas - Ferox (Masuki Mix) - Sleaze
03. Cush - Resuscitation - Unfinished
04. Ness - Fahrenheit - Sonata
05. Jonas Kopp - In My Soul - Traut Muzik
06. Carlo Lio - False Information - Intec
07. Audio Injection - Normal World (Acid Circus Mix)- Droid
08. Audio Injection - Operation B - Electric Deluxe
09. Julian Jeweil - Cube - Form
10. Ambivalent - Down - Minus
11. Peder - Slowed Beat - Ketra
12. Audio Injection - Operation B (Speedy J Mix) - Electric Deluxe
13. Audio Injection - I've Fallen - Droid

Many thanks, And i hope you enjoy,


Glad to see you were tracked down for a guest spot after your tune was on CLR.

Sounds as if you have been working hard at it for a good few years and getting credit for all your hard work, looking forward to hearing more of your sets and productions,

All the best SID.

thanks mate,

Yeah its been a great year , lots of progress has been made,

I’ve been djing for about 7-8 years now, but producing only about 7 months.

Many thanks for your support mate. Glad you like the mix