Kaskade - Dynasty, SHM - One MASHUP

I would love your opinions on the mashup I did along with some of my touches that I did to it (focus second buildup). Thanks everyone!

One dynasty (BestNHouse Mashup) by BestNHouse


Just re-uploaded with more Dynasty vocals and touch ups, let me know what your thoughts are. thanks.

I can hear what you’re trying to do with the two tracks. But they judt don’t quite work ‘together’. There’s sounds that don’t match by timbre and clash pitch wise. The most obvious point is the hoover stabs you’ve looped from Kaskade over the intro from SHM.

It’s a good idea, but just doesn’t sound right.

Yeah I think One is in F major.  And maybe dynasty is in A or B major (or the relative minor).  Not all the chords clash, but enough of the notes clash that its a problem.  The difficulty is that when they match for the most part, you will have to repitch both quite a bit to get them into key.

Do you use mixed in key?  if so it will tell you the pitches. and you can figure out how to deal with it then.