Keeping updated with the new Music Styles!

as long as i have been Djing for the past 10 year i noticed that while the older i get , the Harder it gets for me to keep updated with new Music and styles.

I think that all the Music is recycled over and over .but lately t keeping up with the new Music like moombahton , Baltimore stuff , is getting ridiculous

it gets harder to understand .like it . and adapt

do you guys think this might be because i am not active on the escene anymore that i feel this way ?

am i Losing my sense of style and coolness?


whats your toughts about it?

my newb opinion: music is always evolving, people like to mix certain styles, in the meantime brands that are into music-making hardware and software are always comming with new stuff, also more brands appear. it’s hard to keep up with everything :slight_smile: i can still remember when i was a kid and thought “Nana - Lonely” was awesome. what i really hate now is that music has become a commercial thing. there’s few ppl that still make music just for the love of it wich is really sad.

its all house baby