Keeps becoming unregistered mid-production

So I’m using Ableton Live Suite 11 latest version 11.0.10 and every so often all my Kick VSTs on the track just say "Registered to: " instead of “Registered to: username”. It then plays that white noise every minute. So I have to delete all instances of VST, re-add them and load up my presets (if I saved them, if I didn’t save them, then say goodbye to whatever settings I had).

I understand you need some sort of DRM, but this is incredibly annoying and I’m not sure why its happening.

Hi there @RodenJP

Make sure to download the latest version v1.1.4 from your account My Account/My Downloads/Plugins and then proceed to a clean install.

Start with the manual uninstall guide and then reboot your computer and make a new install, start your DAW, launch a new instance of KICK 2 and either choose between online or offline activation and follow the onscreen instructions to activate.

There’s also a guide here : How do I install KICK 2 ?

If you’re still running into issues after this, fire an email to