Ken Loi - All it takes (GP remix)

Heres a remix I made, I really really love the chord progression and melody on this track, has a soft spot in my heart. Anyways, enjoy! Feedback is always considered and appreciated!

Here is the first version of the song I made, 2-3 months into producing, not knowing a damn thing!!!


And here is the final version, 5 months later and many many painstaking hours of trial and error :hehe:


That’s a huge improvement! I liked the first one already but the second one is really great! One point, the kick is a bit “empty” I think it needs a bit more low. I see your producing since february 2012, how can you procuce something like this if your just making music for such a short period? That’s really awesome!

Yeah, the kick is a bit weak. It really is hard to find good kick samples! I’ve been producing for 8 months, but trust me, I’ve put in a lot of hours. I probably averaged 4-6 hours of producing on work days, and on days off I’ve put in 6-12 hours a day. It is an incredible amount of work. But the best part is you always get better, and its nice to look at your old stuff and compare it with your new stuff and see how far you’ve improved :slight_smile:

Sounds like a really solid track. Well done. One thing I’d say though is the kick isn’t cutting through as much as it should. It’s lacking punch, it might just be EQ or maybe you need to change it for another one? Or layer it? There are lots of options anyway.

Indeed some nice chord progression. With the layering of arp and pad. Sounds quite nice.

But that kick should surely pierce a bit more through the mix. Sidechain the other instruments with the kick. Roll off more of the low from the bass. And EQ the main frequency of the kick out of the bass and leads.

Just before the drop on 3:30 you could gradually roll off more low end for a couple of bars. This to make the impact of the drop a bit bigger.

As others have said the kick is kinda weak, needs some work.

Aside from that I think your waveform looks too blocky throughout with not much variation. That could be cause your allowing too much low end through during the breakdowns, I would personally remove a lot of low from 1:00 to 1:30 and 3:00 to 3:30.

I also think, as with the earlier track you posted, youve used the same build up to drop it back in twice, I would try and modify one of them to have two slightly different builds? They dont have to be different in major ways.

Definately as Daniaan said I would cut more low before the drop to give the drop more impact as well.

Thanks for all the feedback guys! Will beef up the kick! And Mistro, I will add some variation to my buildups just for you :wink:

Lol thanks babes! :stuck_out_tongue:

But just to make my point a bit the way I see it is that in Dance music you are expected to use a similar format for build ups, after all you need the crowd to know whats going on and almost ready themselves for that drop. However, that being said if you look at some of the more pro tracks they tend to have these tweaks and slight variations in there builds to the drop.

Not a big fan of David Guetta or Nicky Romereo but Metropolis is a good example, the drum builds are almost identical but theres something different about the two builds. If you listen to the first build they cut the noise ever so slightly just before the drop whereas in the first it stays through. The result is that mechanical sounding bassline comes through more in the second build. They also used white noise faller in the second drop.

Its nothing major but I just feel it gives the track something extra to seperate the two sections.

My prefered example though is Fehrplay’s Nightride. In the first build he uses crapload of reverb and drops that into the bass pluck where he introduces the kick a few moments later. In the second build he has drums going throughout and drops straight into the bass with the drums. That one has a more significantly noticeable difference but it still retains a similar format to the original IMO.

Its all up to you bro, its dance music after all so variation isnt the most important thing. As long as you get that drop to shine more thats all that matters these days.

Good luck with it dude.

Always making me jealous youve come so far in less than a year and ive almost hit my second year and sounding beyond weak.

Interesting observations, I listened to both tracks and do notice the differences. Its surprising how such a small variation can make a big difference. Thanks for pointing those out to me.

What is your soundcloud? I’d love to listen to your stuff. I don’t think you should beat yourself up too much. Even though it’s been a year for me, I’ve given up my social life. I really do spend every spare minute working on music.

Sound like you have a sort of cymbal going in between the kicks, it sounds fine but there’s also a glitch sort of click noise with it, you might want to check it out. I don’t know what kind of stye your going for but you could definitely make it more driving if the piano was replaced with a strong synth

I like your track, but I feel that I’ve heard this track many times before (deadmau5??). Sound quality wise, everything is fine, except maybe the kick. Keep it up!