Kick 1 Purchase?

Hello, new to this site.

A friend gave me a copy of Kick 1, Nicky romero edition. I made a track using the kick, was very happy with it.

Since then my demo has expired.

I was hoping to purchase either kick 1, or purchase a code / license so it continues to work, but all I can find online is the new Kick 2.

Can anyone help / guide me to getting kick 1 or has it been discontinued.

I really need it asI can no longer work using the kick I made and I am really happy with it.

Many thanks

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Hey @Mark_N

nb: I changed your topic title since “Kick 1 help” was very generic & confusing :wink:`

Unfortunately, Kick 1 is no longer available for sales. Why is that ?? : because though Kick 1 was already a great plugin ( as you’ve been able to test already ) Kick 2 is really a dramatic upgrade, fulfilled with enhancements & new features making it probably the best soft-synth kick designer tool on the market, thus making Kick 1 outdated.

I suggest you to try the Kick 2 demo available on the product page KICK 2 | Sounds and to watch the videos to give you an idea of what Kick 2 is capable of comparing to the first version.

Alternatively, the only way you could get a Kick 1 licence is by buying it or getting it from your friend or someone else, there is a transfer licence procedure to follow between the seller & Sonic Academy, but again, Kick 2 is really what you should fall in love with after taking the time to dive into the demo. :smile:

Cheers !