Kick 2 and M1 Mac

Hi there, Just bought the Kick 2 a couple of weeks back for my Mac. Didn’t even think about compatibility, but I cannot see the application in my downloads, and noticed a forum talking about developing to work on Mac. I currently have no kick 2 so can only assume it’s not done yet?

Wandering if it will be soon?

Kind regards


Hi there @Jackel101

KICK 2 will work on M1 Silicon based Macs in Rosetta compatibility mode at the moment.

Not seeing the plugin available in your account is another issue here, please make sure that you have confirmed your email address and setup your account. You would have received a confirmation email from us following your purchase, double check your Spam/Promotion folder for unwanted emails.

Once your account confirmed and setup you should find KICK 2 available for download if you sign into your account and browse to : My Account / My Downloads / Plugins.

If you can’t retrieve your KICK 2 download in your account, then please shoot an email to :

Hi again there,

Just for information, there should be news on a KICK 2 beta release including M1 support later on this week.

Check this other post here : ANA 2 and KICK 2 for M1 Macs - #18 by Sonic_Academy

Hi again Jack,

Just to let you know that KICK 2 v1.1.5 beta is now available for download in your account if you browse to the My Account / My Downloads / Plugins area, this new beta brings native M1 ARM mode as well as VST3 support for KICK 2.