Kick 2 causing VSL VEP 6 to crash

This is a summing up of the original issue reported by user in order to simplify the follow up. Relevant posts from original topic will be moved here before old topic deletion. The same issue reported in Kick 2 beta area tester has been also deleted since this problem has nothing to do with the beta version of Kick 2.

Does anyone here use Vienna Ensemble Pro 6? The VST version of Kick 2 immediately crashes VEP6 when I load the plugin on a track. This happens on both a Mac and a PC. Back when I was just on a Mac, I could use the AU as a workaround, but I don’t have that option now that I’m using a PC slave.

I have been in touch with the VEP folks, and they have suggested to get in touch with Sonic Academy. I’m still waiting for a reply from them on this. In the mean time, does anyone here run VEP6? Are you able to get the VST working on your system?

I will be happy to do any troubleshooting needed as this is a real important plugin for my workflow and I really hope to get it working again.

@Tekalight Hopefully this video shows the issue. In it, I open VEP6, I load A.N.A. It works fine. I load Kick 2 AU. It works fine. I load Kick 2 VST. VEP6 immediately crashes:

I have tested Kick 2 VST in VEP6 (64bit) on mac with no issues.

are you running the 64 or 32 bit version? what version of VEP you running?

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Yeah this is with the Latest beta running on 10.13.6

i did get a few crashes from different plugins as VEP was loading… took me a few goes to get it running. none where from kick from what i could tell.

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Thanks for helping out @phil_johnston. I just tested on the stand alone version and I can confirm that standalone does work with the VST but that the server version crashes. Unfortunately I need the server version to run the slave computers. Are you already in touch with the VSL people about this issue, or do you want me to reach back out to them?

  • The issue happens on my Macobook Pro running High Sierra, My mac Pro running El Capitan, and my PC running Windows 10.

  • I am running 6.0.17011 - but I am running Vienna Ensemble Pro Server 64 Bit. You need to run server in order to network to a slave computer. Note-you can run the server version on a single computer. You do not need a second computer to test the issue.

@mbirame Thank you.

@phil_johnston so this further needs to be tested with Kick 2 v1.1 BETA under Vienna Ensemble Pro Server 64 Bit 6.0.17011 on macOS 10.13.6 ( but it seems to be VEP server related and not macOS build according to the user ).

Thanks to let us know if you think you will be able to perform further testing or if you rather think it should be addressed directly between SA dev & VSL support at this point. :wink:

just to jump in - we are already in touch with support at VSL and they had marked this as resolved upon testing the AU and VST versions - even for v1.05.

I’ve asked them to re-evaluate on the server edition now


Thanks @bryan_spence and @phil_johnston. I’m curious if you guys by chance have access to the server version? I believe you can get the demo for free for 10-30 days. I’m curious if you can reproduce the server crashing on your end. It’s strange that it would crash on all three of my computers, and if you can’t replicate the crash, then my next assumption would be that there is somehow maybe another plugin that is conflicting or something. VSL sent me a beta of the latest VEP6 today, but it still crashed…

Thanks again for taking the time on this one.

FYI-I just heard back from VSL that they are able to reproduce the crash, so at least that’s a good first step.

Probably following this, thanks for the update.

The latest for VSL:

I’m in touch with Sonic Academy and sent them the same information. Also tried with their beta…

Nothing we can do on our side, I’m afraid.

I have checked with our developer team and we are sticking to the VST guidelines 100%, which works for 99.99% of all plug-ins out there.
The crash reports unfortunaly don’t tell us what could be improved on our side, so we have to rely on my colleagues at SA.

yes got this

They say it works when you open the AU first and then replace it with the VST - so we’ll get this investigated

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Hey @mbirame

This should be Fixed with Kick 2 Version 1.1.0b3

Download it from your account & have a test by your end :