Kick 2 Crash 64 bit ableton windows

Hey there. I love Kick 2 but it always crashes after using it for a while. What can I do to fix this problem?
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Are you running the latest version - 1.04?

Now I am.

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let me know how it goes

hi ! i buyed kick 2 before 2-3 days and i have the same problem
when i work with kick some minutes it crash and my fl 12 close (

hey there

Are you getting this crash when doing anything in particular?

Hi! same problem on ableton 8.2 mac 64bits
when I’m using the “length” fader with my akaï controller, sometimes it crash!
there was not a problem with kick1
I hope your team can fix it soon
Thanks! your plugin is awesome

we have addressed this issue in our next release - PM me if you wish to try the BETA.

Ok that’s great, thanks.
I’m not sure but: why not including a knob control of the volume in each clicks & sub areas? Like in Kick1
Could be useful I guess. Best

YES, i get crash usually when changing kicks while a loop is playing

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No further problems so far. Thanks a lot for the help :wink:

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Hello, Same Problem here, loaded the Demo and after a while, especialy when i control the First pitch and the length, kick 2 and cubase 8.5 Crashes. I Would buy kick 2 directly if you fix that. Thx


We have addressed the issues with the Pitch control - it will be rolling out in a patch in the next couple days

I downloaded the recent demo, but had the crash with the pitch adjustment aswell. I had to reboot my computer.

Besides that the plugin /sound was very nice.

Windows 7 for me. Is there an idea when the fix is done ? Will it be done on the demo aswell ? Can i have a second demo phase when this is fixed?


When did you grab the demo?

At 18 October - i had a crash and reportet it immedeatly. I was on vacation the last few weeks so i could not check the plugin again. Version was 1.05 i belive.

If you redownload the demo again - it may give you a further 2 week trial based on whether or not you were running 1.04 or 1.05