Kick 2 crashes Cubase 11 Pro repeatedly


How can i solve this…?

OsX 10.15.7 and Cubase 11 Pro (updated).

DAW crashes without any notifications.

I was trying to completely uninstall Kick 2 and instal it again - did not help.

Any ideas…?

WBR / k.

Hi there,

  • What version of KICK 2 are you using ?
  • Latest is V1.1.5 ( Click on the KICK 2 name top left corner of the UI to get the info screen ).

  • Is this on an Intel or M1/M2 Silicon Mac ?

  • What instance of the plugin is giving you issue ? → VST2, VST3 or AU ? ( you won’t have the VST3 if KICK V1.1.5 isn’t installed ).

On MacOS you can try to delete the KICK 2.settings file located in your User Library ( hidden ).

Cmd + Shift + G from your desktop or Finder Menu–>Go–>Go to folder…

Copy/Paste this line ( including the tilde sign in front )

~/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/

This will reset KICK 2 to it’s default settings next time your launch a new instance in your DAW.

If that doesn’t solve the issue, I suggest you shoot an email to support :


thanks for the reply.

  • Kick 2 is 1.1.5 (did a fresh instal yesterday).
  • both vst and vst3 crashes Cubase.
  • Intel mac, iMac 27, 2019

Cleaning Kick.settings did not help.

I load pluginn, and start changing presets while trigering sound via midi. It crashes all the time.

Should i contact support…?

WBR / k.

Sorry for delayed reply.

Seems a weird issue TBH. Yes, best is to contact support about this, seems this could be something specific to your setup, so it requires further troubleshooting I believe.

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OK, so following up the remote session via Teamviewer, seems that a Clean install solved the problem for now. Not 100% sure about the issue here, might have been some files in your User Library KICK 2 folder causing this, but can’t tell for sure.

Hopefully it should work fine now, just report back to support if you’re running into this weird issue again.

Cheers :wink: