Kick 2 crashing ableton on mac

hey guys!!! I purchased kick 2 earlier this afternoon and it sounds perfect!!!
only issue I’ve bumped into is that after about an hour or so of use, it will crash the project after clicking the red ‘x’ button to hide the plugin. After that it goes white and doesn’t respond.

I’m using kick 2 v1.05 on OS X 10.9.5. my version of ableton is 9.7.6 in 64-bit

If anyone could suggest any kind of fix for this i’d be eternally grateful!!!



Hey there Jack !

Not sure if this could be related if you’re using OS X 10.9.5 Maverick because this is a possible Live 9 issue that was reported for OSX 10.10 Yosemite but could you check in Live’s Preferences/Look & Feel/Zoom Display if you’re using a standard 100% zoom value or anything different ?

If you do, change this value back to 100% and give it a try. Also go to File & Folder tab in the preferences and use the “Rescan” button to re-scan your VST plugins, that never hurts to do.

Again, not sure but it’s worth checking this setting & re-scanning your plugins anyway.


Hey Tekalight! thanks so much for the speedy reply!

Just tried those things and upgraded to Mac OSX high sierra and it seems to have fixed the problem. Can’t wait to put this beast into action.


Hey !

Great to know that it now works, I was on the point to ask you what you did not upgrade your MacOS version.

I know it’s always of a sudden when Apple launches their new OS and that you have to be careful with upgrading in a rush and to check if audio manufacturers don’t tell that it’s preferable to wait, but since the time of High Sierra first release, it’s now going well as far as I know. I’m running the latest version with the new APFS file format on the hard drive and everything just works fine. The only thing is that for certain AU plugins to be recognized by Logic X, you have to reboot your MAC after installation to see them in Logic, but that’s if you use Logic and btw, if you plan to upgrade to Live 10 in the future, it’s mandatory to have a MacOS version above 10.11.6, so you’re now ready to go.

Enjoy Kick 2 and don’t forget to check the tutorial video here on Sonic Academy.

Cheers !