Kick 2 feature request: Envelope modulation

I’m impressed with the quality of Kick 2, good job.

There’s one feature lacking that I think would push this beast to its full potential: The ability to control any parameter with an envelope curve. It’d be awesome to be able to, for example, sweep a filter of a click module on each note. Or to modulate eq peak’s frequencies and amplitudes over time. Or to have different distortion amounts for the snap and the tail. Endless possibilities, right?

Since Kick 2 already has extremely customizable envelope curves, would it be a huge challenge to add an ENV tab next to the others and then create a system to route the envelope to parameters? Perhaps drag’n’drop from source to target or good old right-click dropdown menu acess. What do you think?

I was just wondering if this feature request got any attention? I tried Kick 2 some time ago (years) and I remember you could not automate the pitch points in the graph with a controller. It seemed like the most logical addition to an already great drum builder. Any updates for automation parameters?

+1 this function is more than necessary, why the developers do not respond for 2 years? What good is the forum if you can not even get a yes or no?

you can now control the first 8 nodes using your DAW automation lanes, but we haven’t implemented an envelope system into KICK2. It’s certainly been listed as a requested feature however