Kick 2- Feature Request : sub-osc phase knob possible?

Hi there, nice work on Kick 2 and ANA. I have a request for kick2 (or kick3) - would it be possible to have a phase knob on the sub-osc that simply changes the phase it starts at? it would help immeasurably with trying to get kick+bass into phase without having to change the bass timing or play around with pitches trying to get it to match :slight_smile:

+1 for this

You can split it in two. One would be the body of the kick and the other half the sub (fixed pitch) which will play on the same 16th like the bass. That will allow you yo have kick and bass fundamental in phase. The only problem is that there will be a click sound on the second half of the kick since itโ€™s not the continuation of the waveform. Youโ€™ ll need a LP filter to clean that click sound!