Kick 2 - Feature Request - The Amp Envelope Should Give a Frequency Read Out

Feature request for Kick 2:

The Amp envelope should give a frequency read out that follows the mouse cursor and on the envelope nodes.

The read-out values ( top right ) for the AMP Nodes envelope are given in Milliseconds and are related to the Length slider.

There’s a frequency readout values for the Nodes on the Pitch screen view.

Thanks for the reply.

I understand, but when I am wanting to fine tune the amp envelope in a specific frequency range I find myself having to switch back and forth between the pitch and the amp envelope to pinpoint where the frequency resides in the amp envelope.

Hence it would be nice if the amp envelope could also provide a frequency read out.

Not sure if this can be implemented TBH, to me the AMP envelope is time based, but I’ll point this to SA Team.

To SA Team for info : @phil_johnston

The reason why I think it might be able to be implemented is because if you take note of the pitch envelope, it gives a time read out along with the frequency which seems to correlate directly with the amp envelope time read out.

So for example, If I am wanting to remove some “boxy” sounding frequencies around 200Hz out of my kick, I do the following procedure:

(1) Move the mouse cursor along the pitch envelope to see the frequency and time read out information and take note of the time.

(2) Switch over to the amp envelope and find that same time location and create a node.

So for eg. Pitch Envelope: 200Hz @ 0.009 = Amp Envelope: 0.009