Kick 2 - Features Request

These are some features I would like to see in Kick 2.

  1. Being able to double click a fader, length and pitch bar etc and type the values we want.
  2. Snap nodes to grid (1/8, 1/16, beats, bars etc)
  3. When enabling Keytrack on let’s say the sub, all the nodes change pitch according to key we are hitting. It would be great chosing which nodes will follow this rule. That would allow for instance the attack of the kick consisting of 3 nodes to stay intact and only the last node (sub frequency) to Keytrack.
  4. Multi node selection
  5. Able to lock X or Y position being able to change the pitch of a node but retaining the position in time or being able to change the time of the node but maintaining the pitch of the node.

Yeah, the big one is being able to move an envelope point horizontally without it moving vertically. Shift + click would be fine for that.

It’s important when you’re designing a kick that’s also gonna be a bass sound, you want tight control of the pitch while messing around with the time dimension.

Actually, little “lock” icons for X & Y would be really nice.