Kick 2 For Absolute Beginner

Hi Everyone,

Absolute beginner here. I have Music Creator 7, installed the Kick 2 demo version. Watched a number of videos on how to use it. I got mostly videos on the features of the plugin but as a complete newbie I would like to know what button I should click on to sample a sound or how to create my own sound. Can’t find a manual for the plugin either.

Can someone please steer me to a complete newbie video or walkthrough? Thanks.

Hey @SpottedTowhee

Sorry for delayed reply :wink:

2 ways to get to he manual :

1- The Manual is including as a.PDF file in your initial Kick 2 download once you expand the archive.
2- After Kick 2 is installed, you can access the manual from the plug-in GUI ( ref. screen shot )

Not quite sure to get your point here, Kick 2 is not a sampling tool, you can design your own Kicks and render them as audio files ( using the Render option ( right from the compressor section ) ).

As for the sounds import feature, you can add your own “clicks” sounds to Kick 2 by “drag & drop” your own audio files on the “Click” browser panels and then use them for kick sound design.

Hope that helps :slight_smile: I moved your post in the Plugin/Kick Synth topic since the Kick 2 Beta area is more for reporting on the development versions.