Kick 2 Glitching

Kick 2 (1.1.1) seems to be causing glitching problems. Every few minutes the mouse freezes, audio continues but GUI seems frozen then comes back after a second or so. Just enough to disrupt workflow.

Only seems to happen when notes are sequenced in Kick 2 channel. When the plugin is removed the problem stops.

Any ideas what could be causing this problem?

Thank you.

Using FL Studio 20

Operating System: Windows 10 build 17134 (64-bit)
CPU Type: Intel Core i7-8700K @ 3.70GHz
Number of CPUs: 1
Cores per CPU: 6
Hyperthreading: Enabled
Motherboard: PRIME Z370-A
Memory: 16GB Kingston Unknown
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GT 710
Videocard: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050
Hard Drive: WDC WD20EFRX-68EUZN0 (2TB)
Hard Drive: Seagate M3 Portable SCSI Disk Device (2TB)

Hey there @TectonicBeats

Hmmm, strange, can’t really tell what could be the problem at first. Let’s try troubleshooting further first, it might help S.A team later on if needed.

So first question : is this happening after a Kick 2 update to the latest v1.1.1 version or did you have the same issue with a prior version ( if you were using it ).

Second point, could you please try a proper uninstall/reinstall process ( might be handy to use a free app like IOBIT uninstaller to clean the Windows Registry BTW.

Clean Uninstall → FL 20 vst plugs re-scan to clean plugins cache → New Install, be sure to use the 64bit version and to select the correct installation path during the process, then thanks to report back if you’re still facing this issue.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hey thanks for your thoughtful response.

I did update to Kick 1.1.1 and the GUI glitching problem happened after as well.

I tentatively think the problem may have been caused by Kick 2’s plugin file location in FL studio. It was located in a different sub folder and when I used the same version of Kick 2 in a different folder it appeared to stop happening, or at least happen much less.

May try the possible solutions you mentioned although now the problem seems to happen rarely enough to not affect workflow.

Thank you

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Hi again, thank you for this update.

Glad to read that it seems to get better, still suggesting to try the clean uninstall/install process paying attention to the default path that’s presented to you when running the installer. You can still move the kick2.dll file manually afterwards if needed but a clean install is a good place to start IMO. Don’t hesitate to get back to us if needed, thanks.

Problem appears to be not solved. Still recurring GUI freezes while using Kick 2 vst2 in FL 20. Tried uninstalling Kick 2 and problem persists.

Is there a vst3 version of Kick 2 I could try?

Any other suggestions greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Could you please please upload a video showing what’s exactly happening and let us know what’s the exact path where the Kick 2 x64.dll is installed. Next to that make sure that you’re up to date with any Win 10 Updates, there were recent release updates in May Windows release health | Microsoft Learn

I could then try to replicate the issue using FL 20 demo, might help to troubleshoot this for support, thank you.

No there’s no VST3 version of Kick 2 Plugin.

EDIT : One thing I’m also thinking about, which GUI skin resolution are you using and did you try other ones within Kick 2 Settings

This thread in the manual could be interesting to check as well Plugin Wrapper

Hi again @TectonicBeats

Just finished to install FL 20 Latest version v20.1.2 (buid 887 ) - 64 Bit on a WIN 10 Pro machine here and with a single instance of Kick 2 64 Bit Plugin, I haven’t experience any glitching issue, though I haven’t try to load more tracks or do more than running 1 channel with Kick 2 and looping a default 4x4 beat Midi Loop.

I could browse & change presets on the fly while playing back and can’t see anything wrong so far.

This is minimal testing of course since FL is not under any other resources charge but it’s a good way to troubleshoot with just Kick 2.

Here are my specs :

  • Plugin : Kick 2 v1.1.1 64 Bit
  • Daw : FL 20 Trial Latest v20.1.2 (buid 887 ) - 64 Bit
  • OS : WIN 10 Pro v1809 - Build 17763.504 Apr-19
  • CPU : 6 Cores Intel Core i7-6850K 3,60 GHz
  • Mother Board : ASUS X99-A II socket 2011
  • Ram : 32 GB
  • GPU : NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 Ti
  • Audio Interface : Apollo Twin MKII Quad ( not using the Asio4All Drivers in FL )

Here are the steps for insatll & testing :

  • Just did a standard FL 20 Install as Administrator & for the current user, also installed the ASIO4ALL v2 drivers.
  • Ran FL 20 once with Demo Project, closed FL & reopen.
  • Reopen FL 20 went to Options/Manage Plugins and UN-ticked the Plugin search path that I’m not using, it seems you can’t UN-select the VST3 ones

I Have all my 64 Bits VST Plugins installed to a standard C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VstPlugins\manufacturer+name folder so the Kick 2 x64.dll path is C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins\Sonic Academy\Kick 2 x64.dll

I let the default settings in FL Studio Plugin Manager :

  • Verify plugins ( on )
  • Combine VST & VST 3 + Combine 32 & 64 ( on )

Then clicked on “Find plugins” and didn’t get any errors with Kick 2 Plugin.
For the 3thrd party plugins returning an error, this was fixed by double clicking on the plugin at the right side of the manager and correcting the “type” field on the info page then “Apply Changes”

After the full plugins scan & correcting errors, closed FL Plugin Manager and FL 20

Reopening FL 20 and inserting an instance of Kick 2 onto channel 1, set a 4x4 midi and looped it, just seem to work fine for me.

So yes, this could be hard to troubleshoot, but I think it’s worth spending time to do a meticulous check of both OS & FL 20 Updates and to scan & verify plugins in FL ( as opposed to the fast scan method ), taking the time to open/close FL between major steps.

Hope this can help but again, I think that a video showing the issue you’re facing and detailed info could help.

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Thanks again for your detailed response.

Here’s video of the GUI freeze problem with Kick 2.

File is located at C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Vstplugins on my computer.

I’ve done clean install with IObit and problem persists.

Also reset computer and reinstalled plugins and did not help with the glitching problem.

Thank you

@TectonicBeats just to clarify one point, is your FL. 20 up to date with latest version v20.1.2 (buid 887 ) from Image Line BTW ??

@bryan_spence this is a weird one, so far I was not able to replicate this. To sum it up user is experiencing random Kick 2 GUI freezing for a few seconds during which he’s not able to click on anything ???

Kick 2 v1.1.1 was already re-installed, no clue what could be the problem here, thank you for your help :slight_smile:

Hi again @TectonicBeats

Just to update you, I had a short chat with support pointing them to this and it’s also a weird issue for them :confused:

On my end, I’ve been testing Kick 2 under FL 20 latest trial again and still no way to reproduce that problem, I’ve also seen that you’ve already reported this to Image Line Support and that they asked you to contact the plugin manufacturer.

I think we need to narrow the scope of investigation here, in your short video I could see that you are running Kick 2 inside a project with a few other tracks, plugins…etc.

Could you please try to just open a new empty project and load only one instance of Kick 2 with nothing else and check if the problem is still happening ?

I know that you’ve been through the uninstall/install of Kick 2 v1.1.1 already, but what has been done to FL Studio actually ? You mentioned that the computer was reset, but that’s also not very clear what was done.

We have to be sure that your Win 10 is up to date with all Microsoft Updates and that you’re also using the latest version of FL Studio v from Image Line. Download FL Studio | Full version and Free Trial [OFFICIAL]

Thinking about what could be wrong, it could be FL Studio plugin cache getting corrupted after the plugin update & the new install. It would really be nice if you could start as fresh as possible, considering at least cleaning FL studio database & plugin cache but even better a complete FL studio clean install process.

Here are some links I found on Image Line support site that might help to perform those steps, but again what ever you do, the first thing is to have Win 10 Up to Date with latest updates.

And starting any test with a single track project just with Kick 2 v.1.1.1, even download a fresh .zip file from your Sonic Academy account to avoid any corrupted archive, you never know :slight_smile:

It might sound cumbersome & tedious to do, but honestly at this point we are targeting Win 10, FL 20 & Kick 2 Plugin as potential source of this issue, we need to narrow this, and since Kick 2 doesn’t have a VST3 version, it’s likely that Image Line Support will send you back here for issue, so IMHO, it’s a good thing to start as clean as you can now.

So please backup projects, presets and what you need and try to take it from the ground up :

  • WIndows up to date
  • Manual uninstall of FL 20 & Kick 2 ( again )
  • Clean you Win 10 Registry ( CCleaner ) and restart computer
  • Fresh downloads of FL 20 & Kick 2
  • Fresh install of FL 20 ( restart computer after )
  • Fresh install of Kick 2 and full Plugins scan in FL
  • Simple track test project, then you could test further with your previous project or equivalent

I’ll browse the forums during the week end, so do not hesitate to reach out if needed :slight_smile:


GUI glitching problem occurs with just one instance of Kick 2 in FL Studio.

Am using most updated version of Kick 2, FL Studio and Windows 10.

Will likely try some of your suggestions again at some point.


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