Kick 2 - Length Slider is Snapping

Hello, I’d like to be able to set a specific value for the length slider. It seems like the slider itself snaps between values skipping 12ms at a time or so and I can’t right click and set the value. Is there anything I can do?

Hey there @EndlessDream

If you hold the CTRL key on your keyboard while slowly dragging the slider with your mouse, you should be able to jump with a 1 step increment value. Holding the Alt Key will also give you other jumps values settings.

This works inside many plugins, as well as holding the Shift key for some Plugins, always give a try to those key strokes when a Plugin doesn’t allow to manually enter the value.

Hope this helps :wink:

Cheers !

Hello, Im on Kick2 v1.1.4 (MAC) and it seems I am not able to perform the cmd+drag on LENGHT slider to obtain movement of 1ms. I can use the scrollwhell to obtain the minimum of 3ms of scrolling.
If I use cmd+drag the slider won’t move unless I do a huge mouse movement but then it goes far away…

Any hints on what Im missing?


Press & hold the Cmd key first, then press and hold your mouse Left Click and start dragging Left or Right moving the mouse in short and slow moves, it’s really a matter of finding the tight movement. Mouse settings and sensitivity might come into play here as well :wink: