KICK 2 Linux port?

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I wonder if there is any chance for a Linux port of this nice plugin? I know the userbase isn’t big at the moment, but the situation on music producing on this platform has been improving greatly over the last couple of years.

We’re just missing a kick synth over here! :slight_smile:

Just sharing my personal point of view here, not writing on behalf of S.A developers, but I think that the Linux music producers sphere is still a narrow niche & quite specific market segment. Developing plug-ins for Linux next to providing Windows & MacOS plug-ins means a lot of time spent in code porting, versioning maintenance, keeping up to date with developers frameworks…etc. That’s a lot to take into account by the end of the day and that’s probably why many plug-ins manufacturers don’t get into it IMHO, and if they do, then it doesn’t make sense to do it for only one plug-in because users are gonna excpect the brand to make a Linux version for all their products ( which of course makes sense ), but yeah, not an easy decision for a company to take I think :wink:

Thank you for your reply.

I get it. It’s the chicken and egg situation.

I do not exactly know which libraries and frameworks the SA plugs rely on, but sometimes the porting itself isn’t such a big deal: Steinberg has a Linux VST SDK since 2017 and this is the reason more and more AAA plugins are finding it’s way to Linux. Sometimes it’s actually the social and support component that scare developers away.

This is the way u-he handles this:

Please be aware the Linux versions of our plug-ins are still considered beta. While the plug-ins are stable, we are not able to provide the same level of support for these products as we do for the macOS and Windows versions. Support is provided via the Linux and u-he communities on our forum.

If there are indeed platform specific libraries and frameworks involved, never mind. :slight_smile:

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