Kick 2 midi issue

Mac OS High Sierra 10.13.2
Kick 2 v1.05

Tested on Ableton 9 and Bitwig 2.2.2

When I change velocity to 0 (see pic) is not working and I still get 100, seems that kick 2 do not receive any midi signal

Have this problem only with Kick 2, other plugins works fine ?

Any advice ?

Thank in advance.


Edit : forgot to mention that happens for all the options on single note , key , velocity , gain , pan , pitch and so on

the sensitivity is at the bottom right of the plugin

turn it up to adjust midi note sensitivity

Thanks for the quick reply.

Ok got it for the velocity, what about the other options, have just edited the post.

not sure i follow?

the velocity sensitivity at the bottom right is only for listening to the incoming MIDI velocity and adjusting the output volume of each kick