Kick 2 Not Showing Any Presets, In Right Location

When I use KICK 2 not a single preset shows up. I have the presets saved to programdata>Sonic Academy>Kick2>presets but it always opens to a blank KICK and the preset menu is empty. I have been manually dragging and dropping the preset file into KICK from windows explorer and that in turn lets me use that specific subfolder of presets, but not any of my other subfolders. Can someone help me out with this?

Hi there @owensderek96

Which version of Kick 2 are you using under Windows ? Is this a new install or have you update from an older version than the latest v.1.1.1 ?

You don’t have to manually move or copy presets for them to show up, make sure that when you install Kick 2, the VST file gets installed in the same location as any previous version, it needs to replace the previous .dll file, pay attention to the path that the installer will show to you, it might need to be modified in order to match your Kick 2.dll location.

Also make sure to use 32bit or 64bit only, according to your setup.

A clean uninstall using a free app like IO Bit uninstaller could help if you’re still running into issues after re-installing on the top of an existing version, if you still have issue after a clean uninstall/re-install , thanks to report your exact WIN 10 version as well as the DAW + version you’re using.

Hi Guys,

Just to mention. I am running Kick2 on Mac (maybe the same issue on Win) (clean install of OSX, plugin itself, DAW). There is a small bug I noticed. Apparently, no presets are not shown at all when I load plugin. But! The thing is that plugin tries to find them in “/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/presets/” (small “p” in “presents” directory name) while they are installed into “/Library/Application Support/Sonic Academy/Kick 2/Presets/” (capital “P”) by default. Renaming “Presets” to “presets” solves the problem. Kick2 guys, please fix! =)

Best regards,

Hey there @galitsyn

Thanks for the feedback, could you please check the File System that you’re using on your main MacOS Hard Drive and verify if there’s anything related to “… ( Case-sensitive )” ?

i.e : one common MacOS File System used when formatting HD is “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)”, but another available option is “Mac OS Extended (Case-sensitive, Journaled)”.

You can check this by going to Utilities → then run Disk Utility, select your MacOS HD, right click & select “Get Info” and check the “File System” information in the new pop-up window.

In my case I’m able to change the Presets folder name to either capital “P” or minimal “p” and it doesn’t make any difference, after re-scanning the plugin inside Ableton’s Live : I’m still able to see all presets inside KICK 2.

Tested under MacOS High-Sierra and the main HD using APFS File System here.

Hi Stéphane,

I am using case-sensitive FS on Mojave. I could guess that in your case you are running case-insensitive FS.

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No, that’s the point : I’m using APFS for FS but without “Case-sensitive” option, therefore not having issues with the capitalized letter of the presets folder name.

Edit : This issue with the case and the Presets folder naming under MacOS has been seen before, if using any (Case-sensitive) option for FS on the MacOS main HD, people may need to change the case, just like you had to do. Back to the above issue reported by @owensderek96, I’m still thinking about an installation issue, but we didn’t get any reply from the user.