Kick 2 not snapping to beat or bar - please help

Really appreciate your help. thank you

Hi there @richard157

Though you tried to describe the issue in the topic title, it’s not very clear what’s happening, do you mean that you have delay between your Midi notes being on the bars but Kick 2 is playing them out of sync ? Or is it an issue with the snap function in the plugin ?

Next to this, please bear in mind that it’s important to include your Kick 2 version ( latest release is v1.1.2 ), as well as the DAW you’re using and also it’s version + the Operating System you’re running Kick 2 ( WIN / MACOS ) and if you’re on a 32bit a 64 bit system in order for support to troubleshoot your issue and provide some help.

Thanks to update the topic with those details and to describe your issue in detail, you can also upload screen shots or even a video to explain what’s going on if you want.