Kick 2 not visible in ableton 10.1.17 windows 10

I’ve tried reinstalling into correct default ableton plugin folder that’s recommended on their site for 10.1 + on windows
C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3

I’ve also tried setting destination to custom VST3 plugin folder in preferences. Still no luck. I verified that the plugin is there in these folders. I’ve tried both x32 and x64. But x32 isn’t compatible which I found by doing some research but why then isn’t the x64 showing…


Do you have other plugins showing?

Hey there @rtwhite10me

I think there’s a confusion between VST 2 and VST 3 here, those are two different plugins formats and KICK 2 is not a VST 3 plugin, it’s VST 2 only. So if you install it in the VST 3 path C:\Program Files\Common Files\VST3 Live won’t be able to see it even if you are using VST3 in your Live Preferences settings.

VST 2 plugins have to be installed in another location, since you’re on a 64 bit Operating System and DAW, you will need to install it under the C:\Program Files\Your_VST2_Folder_Path

By default that should be C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins

What I suggest you to do is to uninstall KICK 2 from your PC, you can run the uninstaller, there’s a Uninstall KICK 2 64 Bit.exe in this location C:\ProgramData\Sonic Academy\Kick 2 and also make sure that you don’t have anything in your above mentioned VST 3 folder.

Please refer to this thread to be sure to remove all files and find the correct path on PC.

  • After uninstall, start Live again, make sure that your using VST plugins and that the VST2 path is correctly assigned in Live settings. You can use both VST2 ( which are referred as VST in Live ) and VST 3.

  • Rescan your plugins, close Live.

  • Reinstall KICK 2 using the 64 bit installer and make sure to select the correct VST 2 path for installation, so again if you have a default VST installation, this should be C:\Program Files\Steinberg\VSTPlugins

  • Upon installation complete, start Live again and it should detect & scan KICK 2 during start up.

Hope this helps, don’t hesitate to let us know if your having any issues or if this has solved your problem.

Cheers :wink:

Hi Teka,

What if I have both my VST2 and VST3 path to a folder on my desktop? I have tried your method and tried to separate Kick 2 into a separate folder called VST2. Yet after I scanned, Kick 2 still doesn’t pop up.

Don’t think this will work since using VST2 and VST 3 paths are 2 separated options inside Live :

→ Check your settings in Live’s Preferences Plug-ins the paths used there need to match the paths where your VST 2 and VST 3 plugins are installed on your computer.