Kick 2 on touch screen

Hello. Plugin control does not work on the touch screen. How to solve a problem? When will the touch screen support?

Hi there @KVRK

As it goes for out of the box Touch Screen enabled feature & implementation, I don’t know f there’s any plan for this, maybe S.A dev. could give some insights here @bryan_spence :slight_smile:

As for solving this & workaround, it likely depends of what you’re trying to achieve and your setup.

Are you talking about DAW implementing Touch Screen on a computer or remote control via a mobile device ?

Depending of your OS and your DAW, I think that using the Midi Learn feature in Kick 2 you should be able to map the plugins controls to a built in DAW controller device if this one supports Touch Screen or/and to third party applications like TouchOSC or alternatives like “Chameleon” on Windows that could allow you to build your own software controller.

I use a tablet Surface Pro 4 (Windows 10 Pro). All parameters of other plug-ins work fine with a touch screen. But this plugin (Kick 2) does not respond to touch. I can change the parameters only with the mouse. And this is a problem for me.

Yes I can understand the issue, but again I don’t know if S.A plans to implement this in the future.

If on Windows, then maybe the above mentioned “Chameleon” software could be something to investigate then, it’s not that pricey, around 20$ I think.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: