Kick 2 pitch goes down to 50ms when you press stop in Logic pro x

Macbook Pro 2012 with macOS monterey 12.6.1
Kick 2 1.1.5
Logic pro 10.7.6

Anyone else having this issue?

No problems in FL Studio or Cubase.

Im not sure i understand what you are describing? 50ms? do you mean 50 Hz?


No, I mean 50 ms. You can drag the desired hz up&down. You can drag the ms left and right.
When i press stop in logic the length of the pitch goes al the way to the left (to 50ms).

greets, Peter.

This is likely caused by a MIDI CC assignment to your keyboard space bar or a controller.

  • Right Click on the Length slider that’s resetting to 50ms : you 'll see a MIDI CC value in there.

  • Click to Remove this MIDI CC value.

Problem should be gone :wink:

Thanks so much. Problem fixed!!

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