Kick 2 - Pitch Nodes vs. Frequency Analyzer

So, Ableton Live comes with a first party frequency analyzer called Spectrum. Now, when I have Kick 2 up on a track and I’m using the pitch nodes to hit all the right notes that would sound lovely in the specific key of my song I don’t see the same thing happening in Spectrum?? This is very frustrating. I would imagine that anywhere you would put the midi note on the piano roll when you’re not in key tracking mode would output the same, and once you put key tracking on it would output at that specific key. But then! there is a key option in the rendering menu. why would I want to render the kick at a different frequency then the one I chose with the pitch nodes? I’m confused…

If anyone has had this issue or knows what I’m doing wrong please let me know. I would appreciate it very much. Thank you.

If you want the pitch of the KICK to track on the MIDI keyboard you need to enable the keytrack option (piano icon) on the channels you want to track

A B1 note in Kick 2 is a B0 on Spectrum for me. Don’t look at the octaves but use the mouse to highlight the peak to ensure it is at the frequency you want. I was stuck on this for a second while doing some basic research.

I personally tune every kick patch to a C1 root and apply key tracking on all 4 layers to ensure all the notes adjust correctly to their respective keys.

We use the Scientific Pitch Notation Scientific pitch notation - Wikipedia A4 = 440Hz
Ableton Live uses A3 as 440hz

both are correct :slight_smile: