Kick 2 preset switch bug (know issue?)

Hi, I just bought and installed the latest version of KICK 2 in Ableton 10 and while skipping through the presets everytime i press it loads the next and quickly skips to the next with an * added to the name?
I’ts very annoying, i’ve looked and found an old thread about this but thats from 2016, does anyone know how to fix this?


Hi @DarioDavide

Which Operating System & build version are you using ?

Are you up to date with the following ?

-Latest Kick2 Version is 1.05
-Ableton Live 10 was updated to 10.0.3 recently

I took a look to the oldest thread you mentioned but it was more specific to FL Studio I think.
First of all let’s make sure you’re up to date with OS, DAW & Kick2 version.


Hi Tekalight, i’ve just installed Ableton 10.0.3 and can confirm that the issue is gone.
Thanks for helping out.

Regards, DD

Your Welcome & thanks for your feedback :smile: Enjoy your new Kick2 synth !